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Not because of any coincidence, rather it is because of Godís blessing I have become what I am today. I was born in a dedicated Sufi-Muslim family. I got my education in Christian Missionary Institutions as well as in Sanskrit Collegiate School. I teach both in Christian Mission and Ramakrishna Mission. My world view and consciousness sprung up from the confluence of Islamic, Vedic and Christian education. The contemporary social context prompted me to believe that without honesty and sincerity, talent or intelligence is useless. Oneís own well constructed mind is the best friend and guide Ė this I subscribe to. The social environment amid which we live speaks of thankless and rewardless reality. Yet, thankfulness to God Almighty brings about the surprising reward in life. I donít like to surrender myself to any dilemma. I donít allow myself to be blinded by any confusion. I take single decision as soon as possible. This is the art of life-management. What I do (profession) is insignificant. What I think and believe in is exactly what I am. Human heart is not made of metal, but, it needs an iron shield to be protected so that it can continue its beat. I feel that I am the heart beat of life. I am and I always want to be a humble servant of God. Thatís all about me.     

- Sk. Makbul Islam


Other Information

Date of Birth                        1st June 1967

Parents                                  Late Sk. Sajad Ali (died on June, 1989)

                                               Late Hazera Khatun (died on 27 December, 1997)

 Faith Order                          Sufi order of Islam

 Family Members                 Late Sk. Jahedul Islam         (Elder brother, died on 1964)

                                               Late Sk. Saidul Islam            (Elder brother, died on 1970))

                                               Late Sk. Jaharul Islam          (Elder brother, died on 31st January 1988)

                                               Sabera Khatun                      (Elder sister)

                                               Ramisha Khatun                   (Elder sister)

                                               Sk. Mahabub Islam              (Elder brother)     


                                               Class 1        :    Godi-Bagur Free Primary School (Godi, Bagnan, Howrah)

                                               Class 2-10   :    St. Paulís School (Amherst Street, Calcutta; 1984)                        

                                               Class 11-12 :    Sanskrit Collegiate School (College Street, Calcutta; 1986)

                                               Graduation   :    Scottish Church College (Calcutta, Honours in Bengali; 1989)

                                               MA              :    University of Calcutta (College Street, Calcutta; 1991)

                                               Ph. D.          :     University of Calcutta (College Street, Calcutta; 1997)


                                               Honours in Bengali Language and Literature from University of Calcutta (1989)

                                               MA in Bengali Language and Literature from University of Calcutta (1991)

                                               Special BA in English from University of Calcutta (1991)

                                               Ph. D. on Bengali-Oriya Comparative Folklore, University of Calcutta (1997)


                                                Completed 3rd year in Indian Classical Music, Bangiya Sangeet Parishad, 2008

                                                Completed 5th year in Rabindra Sangeet, Bangiya Sangeet Parishad, 2010

                                                Completed 5th year in Folk Song, Bangiya Sangeet Parishad, 2011 

Research                               Topic                                                                                                                Status

                                               Comparative Study of Bengali-Oriya Proverb, 1993-1997                              Completed

                                               Muslim Marriage Songs of Bengal                                                                   Completed

                                               Sri Jagannath Consciousness in West Bengal, Nepal and Bangladesh               Completed

Other Research                     Comparative Religion                                                                                     Published

                                                Folk Musicology                                                                                            Published

                                                Sri Jagannath Consciousness in Bengal                                                            Published

                                                Sri Jagannath Literature of Bengal                                                                   Published

                                                Ganesh                                                                                                           Published

                                                Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam                                                                                   Published

                                                Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu                                                                              Published

                                                Rabindranath and Folkloristics                                                                         Published

                                                Minority Problem                                                                                            Published

                                                Folklore and Culture                                                                                       Published

                                                Comparative Rolklore                                                                                     Published

                                                Human Rights and Folklore                                                                             Published

                                                Folkloristics                                                                                                    Published

                                                Visual Folklore                                                                                               Published

Teaching Experience             St. Paulís Cathedral Mission College,                Department of Bengali, UG Level

                                                University of Calcutta,                                         Department of Bengali, PG Level

                                                Kalyani University,                                              Department of Folklore, PG Level

                                                Rabindrabharati University,                                Department of Sanskrit, M. Phil Level

                                                Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandir,                  Department of Bengali, PG Level

                                                Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University, Department of Bengali, PG Level


Resource Person                 University of Calcutta            UGC, Orientation Programme

(Extension Lecture)            Rabindrabharati University,  Department of Sanskrit, PG Level, India

                                             Visva Bharati,                         Department of Oriya, Santiniketan, India

                                             Varanasi Hindu University,    Department of Bengali, PG Level, India

                                             Utkal University,                     Department of Oriya, PG Level, India

                                             Dravidian University,              Department of Folklore and Tribal Studies, PG Level, India

                                             Rashtriya Samskriti Samsthan,        Puri, Orissa, India

                                             National folklore Support Centre,    Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

                                             Tribhuban University,                        Pokhara Campus, Nepal

                                             Sambalpur University,                       Sambalpur, Orissa, India

                                             North Eastern Hill University,          Shillong, Meghalaya, India

                                             Kohima University,                            Kohima, Nagaland, India

                                             Ahamadnagar College,                      Pune, Maharashtra, India

                                             Dinakrushna College,                        Jaleswar, Orissa, India

                                             Puri Maharaja Samanta Chandra College,    Puri, Orissa, India

                                             Bagnan College,                                 Bagnan, Howrah, India

                                             Prabhu Jagabandhu College,             Andul, Howrah, India


Editing                                  Folklore and Folkloristics (The first e-journal on folklore from West Bengal, India)

Hobby                                   Travelling, Photography

Knack                                    Innovative research work

Like                                       Music (Folk Song, Rabindra Sangeet)

Faith                                       Belief in God

Identity                                  A servant of Almighty God


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